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hi-fi stereo lathe cut records - made on demand

I wanted to do a limited run of vinyl for my new album. I looked everywhere, and all I could come up with was 500 unit minimums and 6 month waits. Enter Vinyl On Demand! This is a great company, and super easy to work with. I sent them my files via dropbox, and received 30 albums in about a months time, and they look and sound fantastic. Albums came with a nice white inner sleeve, and a sturdy white album jacket. I will be using this company again, and again!


The vinyl came today! It sounds AMAZING :):):) Thank you sooooo much for this! I am hoping to put in future orders at some point.

Thank you again!!!!


This is just so cool! I received my 7" demo today with two of my guitar tracks on it. It is so fun to hear myself on vinyl! The disc is well-made and it shipped pretty fast. It was well packaged. Someday I will spring for a full-fledged 7" record from these folks. A+++ service and seller!

Super happy with the quality. After listening to it you’d think it was bought off the shelf. Will be ordering more  soon.

Highly recommend.

Ryan V.

…(I’m) not going to lie, since I received it (my record) I have listened to it every day. It truly made a dream come true and it sounds wonderful! I am already preparing more tunes for vinyl through SSVOD! I will be in touch. Thanks again!


 We can only cut records from recordings that you own, or have a legal license to or recordings that are in the public domain. We do not cut bootlegs no matter how sweetly or often you ask.

If you want a mixtape vinyl record visit ETSY 

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