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Explanation of lathe cut vinyl

     All records are lathe cut at least once, that’s how they get the music into the grooves.

For a normal pressed record they use a lathe to cut a Lacquer Master Positive then they make a Metal Negative from that and then they make a Positive Mold from that and then Negative Metal Stampers are made from that Positive Mold and then those Negative Stampers are used to press Positive Records out of pelletized vinyl using a Record Press.

 What we do is cut the Vinyl DIRECTLY.

We put blank vinyl records on our lathe and use a Very Sharp Diamond to cut the music right into the vinyl.

     This technique produces records that sound excellent (depending on the sound of the originals of course) and have excellent durability.

     We cut in real time, so however long your music/program runs, that’s AT LEAST how long it will take us to cut it – a 40 minute LP will take us about an hour to cut – The time invested in each record is the main reason Lathe Cut Records are more expensive then pressed records.

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