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Basic information about our service:

We are accepting orders on a case by case basis summer of '22. 
Vinyl sizes and colors:
Sizes: 12", 10" and 7"
Colors: Black, Clear, Red/Blue/Green Translucent
Custom colors are also available by request. 


-- We can cut either size at 45rpm or 33 1/3rpm -- 

Maximum* runtimes per side:

12″  33 1/3 rpm    –     22:00 minutes

12″  45 rpm          –     15:00 minutes

10" 33 1/3 RPM   -     14:00 minutes

10" 45 RPM        -   8:00 minutes

7″  33 1/3 rpm    –     6:30 minutes

7″  45 rpm          –     4:30 minutes


*longer runtimes possible - additional charges apply

Jacket options:
Custom Color Full Bleed
(Front only or Front and Back - no spines)
Plain White
Plain Kraft
Label options:
Plain (white)
Custom color
Always included:
White polypaper sleeves
Mastering for vinyl
Set-up fees

 We can only cut records from recordings that you own, or have a legal license to or possibly recordings that are in the public domain. We do not cut bootlegs no matter how sweetly or often you ask.

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