7″ Custom Vinyl Recorder:

Maximum Runtime (length)  6:30 minutes per side @ 33 1/3 rpm
Maximum Runtime (length)  4:30 minutes per side @ 45 rpm

(longer runtimes possible - additional charges apply - please contact us)

Black or Clear vinyl
White or Kraft jacket
Plain (white) or Custom color labels
331/3 or 45 rpm

Price Includes:

Poly-paper sleeve
Mastering for vinyl
Set-up fees

ONE 7" Custom Vinyl Record

Vinyl Color/Jacket Color
Speed rpm
  • ONE 7" Custom Vinyl Record  - $25

    Choice of Black Vinyl or Clear Vinyl (+$2.00)

    Choice of plain White Label or Custom Color Label (+$4.00)

    Choice of 331/3 or 45 rpm

    Choice of White or Kraft jacket (+$0.00)

    Price includes:

    • Poly-paper sleeve
    • Mastering for vinyl
    • Set-up fee 

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